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We use a program called PE-DESIGN NEXT 9 to make embroidery designs.The program is found on the computer attached to the sewing machine.
#Begin by creating a new file[[File:Embroideryimage.jpg|thumb|]]
#You can insert shapes into the work area (the big white box in the center) by selecting a shape and then holding and dragging to draw the shape you want. If you do not see the shapes button, switch over to the Home tab.
#Change the colours. Click on the shape then in the '''Attributes''' tab, then click on the spool and select the colour you want it to be in the side panel. You can do this too to change the colour of the outline. '''Note:''' Make sure all your colours are consistent throughout. (Don’t have 3 different shades of blue if you want the same blue throughout the print) The more colours you add, the longer it will take to embroider and more spool changes you will need to do.


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