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Computer tools

  • This is a long lab, not hard but it will take you some time
  • Use the objectives pdf to fill in your answers based on the other 3 parts of the lab


  • The instructions can be confusing, follow as best you can but don't worry if your result doesn't look exactly like the pictures
  • If you get stuck, try typing the function you want into the function bar. More often than not, what you're looking for can be easily found.


  • Refresh/restart the program after installing Zotero so that it works properly
  • It is recommended you also get the browser extension for Zotero


  • Big picture is buggy, it may take a long time to install and you may have to restart a few times
  • If you are prompted to upgrade to the business plan because you have too many power-ups, go to the "Enabled" section, go to the settings for the enabled power-up and disable it

CAD (Onshape)

  • To change the units click on the three lines on the right of the OnShape Logo > workspace units > and select your desired units!
  • The dimensions in the lab are given in millimeters (mm), but be careful because the default unit is inches!

Basic training