Connecting to uOttawa Zoom

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If you are a student you will need to connect your student email (, or whichever one you use to sign in to brightspace, to the uOttawa Zoom to be able to use the Zoom tab in Brightspace. Your prof may be using this for their online lectures and labs.

If you do not do it you will probably get a message along the lines of 'User does not exist:' when you click on the Zoom tab in brightspace.

To link your student email to uOttawa Zoom you can follow the instructions here:


If you are an employee you are able to have a Zoom account with more privileges like unlimited meeting duration and up to 300 participants. To get this you must use your employee email and follow the same procedure as above to link your email to the uOttawa Zoom.

If you have never gotten access to your employee email or you are a new employee you will have to follow these steps to get the email setup:

  1. You first need to contact HR with your birth date and your SIN to know what your email is, the fastest way is to call them at 613-562-5832 (you can only do this if a contract has been created for you, ask your manager if you are unsure)
    1. You can also look up your name in the MS Teams directory and you should find it
  2. You can then submit a ticket with IT to reset your password for your employee email here
  3. Finally you can login to your email in Outlook and set up your Zoom account once you get the password